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EValuate Diagnostics, Inc.

EValuate Diagnostics, the first spin-out company from the Hackensack Meridian Health Research Institute and its Office of Innovation and Commercialization, will market a new platform for the targeted capture of circulating biomarkers, known as extracellular vesicles. Diagnostic assays derived from this technology will help monitor disease biomarkers for earlier-than-ever detection of tumors and a wide range of other diseases. 


Actinobac is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for multiple indications, including blood cancers, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, and HIV. Drug candidates are based upon Leukothera, a natural protein that targets and eliminates white blood cells involved in the mechanism of many diseases.


Kayothera recently received an $8 million Series A investment led by Accelerator Life Science Partners to provide funding to continue developing new therapeutics to give hope to one of the most vulnerable patient populations - people with late stage or metastatic cancers. With these novel therapies, the aim is to cure incurable cancers and give hope back to patients.

Durin logo.png

Foundation Venture Capital Group sold its equity interest in Durin to Breakthrough Diagnostics, LLC. Durin continues to pursue the development of blood tests to detect neurodegenerative diseases at very early stages. 

Foundation Venture Capital Group sold its equity interest in Longevica to Rostock International, Ltd., a subsidiary of Rostock Group, a Moscow (Russia) headquartered global investment firm focused on investments in breakthrough technologies that can radically increase human lifespan and improve quality of life. 

Zena Therapeutic mission is to design and develop effective mental health and addiction medications that minimize risks of misuse to prevent overdose fatalities and improve outcomes.


NemaGen Discoveries is an early phase biotech company that is focused on advancing therapies to prevent allergic inflammation and mast-cell related diseases.

Novopedics logo resized.png

NovoPedics is developing an implantable medical that restores mobility to patients suffering from severe mensical knee injuries. The company's first product, Meniscofix, is a biodegradable polymer, fiber reinforced scaffold for total meniscal replacement.


OculoMotor Technologies combines virtual reality based vision therapy with on board eye tracking to provide therapeutic effect to patients suffering from convergence insufficiency. 


Foundation Venture Capital Group sold its equity interest in Visikol, Inc. to CELLINK. Visikol continues to focus on advanced imaging, 3D cell culture assays and digital pathology.

MentiNova logo.jpg

MentiNova's primary strategy is to use a drug that is currently clinically approved for another indication and repurpose it for the treatment of L-Dopa Induced Dyskinesia in patients with Parkinson's disease. This path can provide a critically needed medication in a rapid timeframe. 

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