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 $8 Million Series A Investment in Kayothera

We are extremely excited to announce the $8,000,000 Series A investment led by Accelerator Life Science Partners (ALSP) in KayoThera,Inc., a FVCG portfolio company. KayoThera, a company developing cancer immunotherapies and a Princeton University spinout, is working to give hope to some of the most vulnerable cancer patients. FVCG provided the initial seed funding to the company in 2019 to advance its therapies to treat late-stage and metastatic cancers, including breast, pancreatic, colorectal, brain and kidney.


We wish Dr. Mark Esposito and Dr. Yibin Kang continued success as they advance their technology toward a product that will significantly impact the global health of patients with late-stage cancer. 

Innovation Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the most recent Innovation Grant recipients in the Foundation for Health Advancement's Innovation Grant Program! 


The exciting projects funded were: 

S. Petry, PhD "Treating and Curing Cancer"




T. Keck, PhD & G. Moura-Letts, PhD "Analgesics without Addiction"


J. Kim, PhD "Minimally Invasive Palpation Device" 



S. Shady, PhD "Trach Alert Project"


QED Program Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Maksim Mezhericher  and Professor Howard Stone from Princeton University for being selected as grant recipients of the University City Science Center's QED Proof-of-Concept program! They are working hard to discover solutions to storing vaccines and biologics at room temperature. With this grant, they are one step closer to "thawing the cold chain!" 


The recipients are currently part of our Innovation Grant Program. 

Congratulations to Visikol on its 6 year anniversary and continued success!

"Six years ago this week, we launched Visikol as a company and I couldn't help but reflect on what a journey it has been and how far we have come!
At the beginning, we were just a couple of guys in a closet at Rutgers University with no industry experience, no patents, no publications, no grants, no network and no years of experience begging for investor funding to try and disrupt life science research. Eventually, the Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC took a chance on us and gave us the funding we needed to get started and launch Visikol Inc in Feb of 2016.
From this funding, we were able to launch our early products and build the foundation for our success. Today, our products and reagents have been used by over a thousand research labs from around the world and our drug discovery services are being used by all 20 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Along the way, we have met some great people and are truly humbled by the impact we have been able to have in the life science world. We thank all of our clients, collaborators, employees and customers for their support and look forward to the next six years!"
                                        -Michael Johnson PhD, CEO Visikol


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