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FVCG Commits $1 Million to Hackensack Meridian Health's First Spin-Out Company, EValuate Diagnostics

We are proud to welcome the newest addition to our portfolio of companies, EValuate Diagnostics, Inc. EValuate Diagnostics, Inc, the first spin-out company from Hackensack Meridian Health Research Institute and its Office of Innovation and Commercialization will market a new platform for the targeted capture of circulating biomarkers. Diagnostic assays derived from this technology will help monitor disease biomarkers for earlier than ever detection of tumors and a wide range of other diseases. This research aligns with the mission of FVCG to advance health-related research and education throughout the state of NJ. 

Innovation Grants

FVCG is proud to support the following projects through its Innovation Grant Program:

Princeton University

S. Petry, PhD "Treating and Curing Cancer"

Rutgers University

T. Keck, PhD & G. Moura-Letts, PhD "Analgesics without Addiction"

Stevens Institute of Technology

J. Kim, PhD "Minimally Invasive Palpation Device" 

 S. Shady, PhD "Trach Alert Project"

Cooper Healthcare System

J. Carpenter "Antegrade Artery Entry Device and Sheath

D. Shersher "Body Cavity Evacuator"

R. Hirsch "Wearable Cardiac Monitor"

New Jersey Institute of Technology 

R. Voronov "Novel Cancer Drug Testing Platform Development

Sabra Medical, Inc.

Y. Greenstein "Intraosseous Catheter Placement Confirmation Device

FVCG Commits $1 Million to Rutgers University Spin-Out Company, Zena Therapeutics

We are excited to support the research of Zena Therapeutics whose mission is to develop a safe and effective anti-anxiety medication to prevent overdose and fatalities and mitigate the harmful effects of addiction. Their technology is aimed at helping those with general anxiety and panic disorder and those most in need are those with Substance Use Disorder. FVCG funded previous research through its Innovation Grant Program. The initial data supported the potential for commercialization and led to FVCG's further investment. 

Zena Therapeutics has recently been accepted to participate in the national I-Corp program and has received funding through the NJEDA NJ IGNITE program.

 $8 Million Series A Investment in Kayothera

We are extremely excited to announce the $8,000,000 Series A investment led by Accelerator Life Science Partners (ALSP) in KayoThera,Inc., a FVCG portfolio company. KayoThera, a company developing cancer immunotherapies and a Princeton University spinout, is working to give hope to some of the most vulnerable cancer patients. FVCG provided the initial seed funding to the company in 2019 to advance its therapies to treat late-stage and metastatic cancers, including breast, pancreatic, colorectal, brain and kidney.


We wish Dr. Mark Esposito and Dr. Yibin Kang continued success as they advance their technology toward a product that will significantly impact the global health of patients with late-stage cancer. 

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