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James M. Golubieski is president of Foundation Venture Capital Group and New Jersey Health Foundation.

Mr. Golubieski had been chief financial officer of Array Medical, Inc., a medical device company established in 1995 that developed a groundbreaking blood test to assess platelet function. The company was sold in 1999.

Previously, he was chief operating officer and senior executive vice president of Glendale National Bank and a member of its board of directors, president of Glendale Investment Corp. and Glendale Mortgage Services, Inc. and chief financial officer of Glendale Bancorp.

For 10 years prior, he had been with KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies in the world.

Mr. Golubieski is a member of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s Technology Advisory Board, which evaluates and recommends start-up companies for investment and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s BIO-1 Project, a plan to retain and expand high-quality jobs in central New Jersey’s bioscience sector.

George F. Heinrich, MD, is the vice chair and chief executive officer of Foundation Venture Capital Group, a position he also holds with New Jersey Health Foundation.

Dr. Heinrich received his MD degree from New Jersey Medical School and served his residency in Internal Medicine at Martland Hospital in Newark.

He has dedicated his career to the advancement of medical research and education and has served in a variety of capacities on many boards including those of hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and charitable organizations within New Jersey and New York.


Roger S. Fine
Retired Vice President and General Council
Johnson & Johnson

George F. Heinrich, MD
Vice Chair and CEO

Sandra Brown Sherman, Esq.
Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti LLP

Susan J. Flynn, Esq.
Corporate General Counsel
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Robert W. Pierce, II


Michael Wiley
Vice President
(908) 731-6612

Paul Lee
Venture Associate
(908) 731-6597

Alexander Li
Venture Associate
(908) 731-6590

Aggie Worthington
Vice President
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Dale R. Heffler
Vice President
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Sara Soler
Venture Associate
(908) 731-6599


  • What is Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC (FVCG)?
  • Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC is a scientific discovery private equity venture fund.
  • What does FVCG support?
  • FVCG provides support and opportunities for researchers by using private equity investments to make early stage investments in life science companies.
  • How significant is this early funding?
  • This extra early funding means that emerging medical breakthroughs in research and technology businesses can be sustained by sufficient venture capital to optimize their chances of success and ultimately to provide revenue to the groups that support these ventures. This funding fills a void by promoting the establishment of companies that would most likely not be formed otherwise.
  • Can other venture capital firms become involved?
  • Once these companies are established with this seed funding, FVCG will seek to work with other traditional venture capital companies to partner in the effort to advance these technologies.
  • What effect can these new ventures have?
  • This forward-thinking concept can prove transformational for the mission of FVCG, for researchers who receive investments for projects that might not ordinarily receive funding any other way, for patients who can take advantage of the newest products to be developed and for investors in the fund. For more information about partnering with Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC, contact James M. Golubieski at (908) 731-6601 or click here.